Monthly Legal Updates

Monthly Legal Update

December 2018 Legal Update

This month’s update concerns two issues subject to recent court decisions and of practical significance: (a) juvenile justice proceedings for students with disabilities, as illustrated by Commonwealth v. Geordi G. (Mass. Ct. App. 2018); and (b) the meaning of “placement” along with the interaction between the IDEA’s adjudicative and investigative dispute resolution mechanisms, as illustrated… Continue reading December 2018 Legal Update

Monthly Legal Update

November 2018 Legal Update

This month’s legal alert summarizes two new cases. First, Avaras v. Clarkstown Central School District (2018) addresses various current issues, including the possible child find-RTI connection. Second, Johnson v. Boston Public Schools (2018), illustrates the generally nondramatic impact of Endrew F. These various issues are further explained and updated in various articles listed in the “Publications”… Continue reading November 2018 Legal Update

Monthly Legal Update, Special Supplement

Special Supplement: Alternate 504 Eligibility Form

As a follow-up to the October legal update, this Special Supplement provides an alternate 504 eligibility form, which provides a different graphic to show the applicable frame of reference for the often critical third essential element--"substantial" limitation. The Publications section provides a newly posted article under the "Section 504 and ADA" subheading explaining the legal… Continue reading Special Supplement: Alternate 504 Eligibility Form

Monthly Legal Update

September 2018 Legal Update

This monthly legal alert addresses the significant rulings of two recent federal appeals court decisions— Krawietz v. Galveston Independent School District (2018), which reinforced the ad hoc nature of school district's ongoing obligation of “child find” under the IDEA, and L.H. v. Hamilton County Department of Education (2018), which provided a new twist on both least… Continue reading September 2018 Legal Update

Monthly Legal Update

August 2018 Legal Update

This month's legal alert addresses three significant IDEA issues. In Burnette v. San Mateo-Foster City School District, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals answered whether a child find violation entitles the parents to a remedy when the child is determined not to be eligible, and whether child-identified e-mails that are not part of the child's… Continue reading August 2018 Legal Update

Monthly Legal Update

June 2018 Legal Update

This monthly legal alert addresses an IDEA issue and a Section 504 issue. First is the summary of a recent federal appellate court decision concerning the IDEA's LRE mandate --B.E.L. v. Hawaii (2018). The second is a recently published article reporting the national and state-by-state percentages of "504-only" students. Click here to download the update… Continue reading June 2018 Legal Update

Monthly Legal Update

May 2018 Legal Update

This month's legal alert summarizes two recent articles, one that is an updated outcomes analysis of the aftermath of Endrew F. upon its first anniversary (“The Aftermath of Endrew F. One Year Later: An Updated Outcomes Analysis”) and the other that is a case law analysis of the obligations to students with disabilities in private… Continue reading May 2018 Legal Update