Monthly Legal Updates

Monthly Legal Update

May 2022 Legal Update

This month’s update identifies two recent court decisions that address various FAPE issues and remedies for students with dyslexia or behavioral disorders. Download the update and read more. Registration is open for the Lehigh Special Education Law Symposium, June 19-24 (virtual) and the Lehigh Section 504 Coordinators Institute, June 23-24 (virtual). More information at

Special Supplement

COVID-19 Guidance and Case Law: Fall Update

November 10, 2021 Now that most schools have resumed full in-person instruction, the frequency and outcomes of COVID-19 legal issues are becoming clearer.  This latest summary provides an update since this past summer’s Special Supplement 9.  As explained below, the expected surge in the number and complexity of cases has not surfaced.  State complaint decisions… Continue reading COVID-19 Guidance and Case Law: Fall Update