February 2019 Legal Update

This month’s update concerns two issues that were subject to recent court decisions and are of practical significance: (a) child find and eligibility under Section 504 v. the IDEA; and, as a variation and extension of last month’s legal alert, (b) the district of residence’s obligations to a student with disabilities during the student’s placement at a residential treatment facility, which was via a juvenile court order for mental health.

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Special Supplement: Alternate 504 Eligibility Form

As a follow-up to the October legal update, this Special Supplement provides an alternate 504 eligibility form, which provides a different graphic to show the applicable frame of reference for the often critical third essential element–“substantial” limitation. The Publications section provides a newly posted article under the “Section 504 and ADA” subheading explaining the legal basis for this alternate version (see “Identification of Students 504-Only Students: An Alternate Eligibility Form“).

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June 2018 Legal Update

This monthly legal alert addresses an IDEA issue and a Section 504 issue. First is the summary of a recent federal appellate court decision concerning the IDEA’s LRE mandate —B.E.L. v. Hawaii (2018). The second is a recently published article reporting the national and state-by-state percentages of “504-only” students.

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May 2018 Legal Update

This month’s legal alert summarizes two recent articles, one that is an updated outcomes analysis of the aftermath of Endrew F. upon its first anniversary (“The Aftermath of Endrew F. One Year Later: An Updated Outcomes Analysis”) and the other that is a case law analysis of the obligations to students with disabilities in private schools (“Legal Obligations to Students with Disabilities in Private Schools”).

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