Recent and Upcoming Presentations

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Jan. 20 – Presentation for Ohio Coalition for Education of Children with Disabilities [virtual].

Jan. 26–27 – Professional development programs on Section 504 basic and nuanced student issues for Connecticut State Education Resource Center [virtual].

Mar. 4- Presentations (2) on Section 504 Identification and COVID-19 Legal Issues for Pennsylvania Department of Education virtual conference [virtual].

Mar. 20 – Special education case law presentation for Delaware SEAL supervisory certification cohort [virtual].

Mar. 24 – Presentation on COVID-19 legal issues in special education for Delaware Department of Education [virtual].

Mar. 26 – Training session for New Jersey IDEA administrative law judges [virtual].

May 14 – Presentations (2) at MTSS/RTI MEGA conference [virtual].

May 19 and 26 – Training sessions for Connecticut mediators and hearing officers [virtual]

June 14 – Presentation on Top Three Current Legal Issues in Special Education for Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools’ Emerge 2021 Convention [virtual]

June 25–26 – Presentations (2) at Lehigh Special Education Law Symposium and Section 504 Institute [virtual]

July 14-15 – Presentations (2) at Alabama State Department of Education MEGA conference [virtual]

Aug. 3 – Presentation at National Autism Conference, Penn State University [virtual]

Aug. 10 – Keynote session for annual conference of Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education [virtual]

Aug. 25 – Professional development session on Section 504 student issues for Bridgeport Public Schools counselors

Aug. 26 – Presentations (3) at Indiana Special Education conference [virtual]

Sept. 14 – The basic building blocks of special education law. Guest lecture for Resource Endorsement Academy, Henderson State University

Sept. 17 – Presentation for PATTAN RTI/MTSS series [virtual]

Sept. 22–23 – Current Section 504 Student Issues and Answers: The Basics and the Nuances – webinar for Connecticut SERC

Sept. 28-29 – Hearing officer and state complaint investigator training for Arkansas Department of Education [virtual]

Oct. 22, Nov. 8 – Hearing officer and complaint investigator training for New Mexico Department of Public Education

Nov. 1 – Presentations (2) on MTSS/RTI and National Case Law Update under IDEA and § 504/ADA for Northwest Education Services conference [virtual]

Nov. 9 – Presentation on Section 504 Student Issues for Southwest Plains Regional Service Center (in Kansas) [virtual]

Dec. 3 – Hearing officer training for Tennessee ALJs [virtual]

Dec. 7 – Presentation on Current IDEA and § 504/ADA Issues for U. Delaware Academy of School Leadership [virtual]


Feb. 10- Presentation on IDEA and § 504/ADA Year in Review for Wisconsin Department of Education [virtual]

Mar. 2–3 – Current Section 504 Student Issues and Answers: The Basics and the Nuances. Webinar for Connecticut SERC.

Mar. 26 – Special education case law presentation for Delaware SEAL supervisory certification cohort [virtual].

Mar. 30 – Current legal developments for students with disabilities. Public presentation for Delaware Department of Education. [virtual]

April 18 – Presentation for PROGRESS Center Staff and Advisers on Post-Endrew F. Case Law [virtual]

April 29 – Hearing officer training for Texas hearing officers [virtual]

May 11 – Legal update on IDEA and § 504/ADA for Maryland Department of Education [virtual]

June 17 – Training session for Maryland’s IDEA ALJs [virtual]

Aug. 12 – Training session for Georgia’s IDEA ALJs [virtual]

Sept. 16 – Legal issues in special education for Maine Department of Education [virtual]

Sept. 23 – Training session for New Jersey IDEA ALJs [virtual]

Sept. 30 – Training program for Minnesota IDEA ALJs [virtual]

Oct. 5–6 – Training program for Delaware hearing officers and complaint investigators [virtual]

Oct. 14 – Training session for New Jersey IDEA ALJs [virtual]

Oct. 24–25 – Training program for New Mexico hearing officers, complaint investigators, and mediators [virtual]

Nov. 2 – Professional development program on student Section 504 issues for Nevada Department of Education [virtual]

Dec, 9 – Training session for New Jersey IDEA ALJs [virtual]