Special Supplement

COVID-19 Guidance and Case Law: Late Fall Update

November 19, 2020 The pandemic continues, and the ultimate two-part question for parents and school districts still remains open-ended: (a) has the district denied FAPE to the eligible child and, if so, (b) what is the resulting relief, including any compensatory education? In the meantime, the issue for IDEA adjudications keeps reappearing in a potentially… Continue reading COVID-19 Guidance and Case Law: Late Fall Update

Monthly Legal Update

November 2016 Legal Update

November 2016 - As the latest additions to your legal currency, this month's alert identifies these  two aspects of the IDEA’s central obligation of “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) that have emerged beyond the procedural and substantive dimensions of FAPE demarcated in Board of Education v. Rowley (1982). The first of these two relatively recent judicially recognized forms of… Continue reading November 2016 Legal Update