Special Supplement: Alternate 504 Eligibility Form

As a follow-up to the October legal update, this Special Supplement provides an alternate 504 eligibility form, which provides a different graphic to show the applicable frame of reference for the often critical third essential element–“substantial” limitation. The Publications section provides a newly posted article under the “Section 504 and ADA” subheading explaining the legal basis for this alternate version (see “Identification of Students 504-Only Students: An Alternate Eligibility Form“).

Click here to download the Alternate 504 Eligiblity Form.

October 2017 Legal Update

This latest monthly legal alert summarizes two recent officially published federal court decisions, R.E.B. v. Hawaii Department of Education (2017) and Richardson v. District of Columbia (2017), that respectively illustrate (a) an unusually rigorous interpretation of the requirements for IEPs, and (b) the continuing relaxed application of the requirements for evaluations.

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